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About Time! - THE Tiffany
About Time!
My internet was down for three days. I was ENRAGED! But now it's back, and all is good in the Peters' household.

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving to Kansas with Jon for the weekend. It should be a pretty good time (even though it's just Kansas). My mom and I went shopping for the wedding (reason I'm going to Kansas) and I saw this summer dress I fell in love with and wanted to get, but I didn't want to feel too dressed up, so I passed it up. It turned out that Jon's sister bought the same one... so good thing I didn't actually get it.

Next, I have a story Kayla wrote. It's funny, it's rude, and it's so made up. But it's worth a read.

Tiffany and Jon were in a special time in their relationship. They had discussed making love. "How do you feel about making love?" Tiffany asked. Jon shrugged. "I have blue balls and semen blockage out the ass, so this is actually a great time!" "Yay!!!!!!!!!" Tiffany said stripping off her clothes in a fiery passion. Jon and Tiffany began humping ravenously. Suddenly, Pikachu approached. "Tiffany, I'm hungry!" he stated. Tiffany peered at Pikachu with a blank expression. "Uh, Pikachu, as much as Jon sucks at sex, I'm still not climbing off of him to feed your negro ass, so fuck off and die you cum guzzling, ass fucking, queermo fucktard." Pikachu looked dejected. "Yes ma'am." He said. Pikachu wandered about the yard for a few days surviving on bugs and left-over condoms. He became a dangerously thin 312 lbs. The other Pokemon had secretly feasted on Little Debbie snacks they stored under Tiffany's bed, but they didn't let Pikachu in on their stash because he was obviously gay. "I don't like gay people." stated Mr. Mime as he pulled his penis out of Snorlax.
Tiffany and Jon continued fornicating for days. Tiffany was very sweaty and tired, but insisted on improving Jon's technique. By then, Pikachu was even thinner. "T-t-tiffany..." he begged weakly. "Pikachu, I am warning you, if I don't get pleasure soon, I'm going to chop off your dick and Jon's, so don't look at me with those fat, bulbous cheeks you faggot." Pikachu then chopped off Jon's dick. "Ouch." stated Jon. Tiffany and Jon went to the hospital and the doctors informed them that his penis could not be repaired. Lucky for Jon, his penis was replaced with a nine inch piece of plastic that was actually better than his old penis. Tiffany was happy, Jon was happy if Tiffany was happy, and Pikachu realized he was gay, and died.

By: Kayla
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From: kevloid2007 Date: March 16th, 2007 03:58 am (UTC) (Link)
wtf? lol
bleep_7 From: bleep_7 Date: March 16th, 2007 05:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
okay, Kayla is seriously dented.
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