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THE Tiffany
I'm so boring. I have NOT had anything exciting to update about.

Sorry, guys. :(
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The rain makes me wet.
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My internet was down for three days. I was ENRAGED! But now it's back, and all is good in the Peters' household.

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving to Kansas with Jon for the weekend. It should be a pretty good time (even though it's just Kansas). My mom and I went shopping for the wedding (reason I'm going to Kansas) and I saw this summer dress I fell in love with and wanted to get, but I didn't want to feel too dressed up, so I passed it up. It turned out that Jon's sister bought the same one... so good thing I didn't actually get it.

Next, I have a story Kayla wrote. It's funny, it's rude, and it's so made up. But it's worth a read.

Tiffany and Jon were too busy making love and moaning together so they didn't notice when Pikachu chopped off Jon's penis and Tiffany and Jon had to drive it to the hospital. It was hilarious for everyone except Pikachu.Collapse )
By: Kayla
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Despite the time change making me feel like I was waking up TONS too early, today was great.

After school Kayla and I did our usual warm weather "walk through town." We soaked up many a sun ray then proceeded to my house.

When we got to my house and realized the internet wasn't working (O NOES!) I chose to clean my room a bit. We sifted through many, many things and almost everything brought back a memory or two. I guess when you've been best friends with someone most of your life, you share a majority of the same memories. It was really great!

Then after she left, I finished my "cleaning" which, in turn, my room is now the cleanest it's ever been. GO ME!

If anyone cares, Jon and I were playing with guns the yesterday, and I took some pictures.

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Yesterday morning I went shopping for my prom dress. Sure, prom isn't until April, but it's good to get your dress in advance. So here's a picture.

I'll have some pictures of me in it real soon.


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The school year is going to end so soon, and I still am not 100% as to what I'm going to do after it's all done with. I know I'm going to go to college and all that junk, but I don't know where for sure. I'll figure it out, but jeeze! It's coming so fast!

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I was thinking today about all these things I need to get done before fall rolls around (many way BEFORE fall rolls around). To make my life a tad bit more simple, I'm creating this list.

Things I Need to Get Done
Fill out FAFSA form
Finish Community Service for my A+ Scholarship
Mail out application(s)
Get license so I can drive one of these
Start thinking about my college living situation
Purchase Prom Dress
Start my scrapbook

Yay for almost being done with HS. :p
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Saturday Kayla and I partook in our first ever 18+ activity (mind you, we've been 18 since September)and persuaded Jon and Colin to accompany us to the adult store. It was quite and interesting endevaor which resulted in much laughter. Kayla eventually passed out for some unknown reason and we all left. We think it's because of all the Aspirin she took that day thinned her blood or something along those lines. She's ok now, thank God.

Moving on, I've been debating starting a scrap book. It is my senior year and all, and I remember all of the pictures I lost in my last hard-drive crash so I really need hard copies of them all. Not to mention scrapbooking can get pretty fun, so it's all a good idea-ish.

I decided to start something a little new with this journal. As a few people know, I love taking pictures and I'm not the greatest photographer in the world. So I decided I am going to make a section on each (most) of my journal entries called Picture Post (number here) just to encourage me to take more and more pictures.

Picture Post 001

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In all 4 years of my highschool career, up until now, never have I exerted school spirit.

Well, I (along with my BUDS) decided that this year, since we're seniors, it was time. We took to decorating shirts that read "Doug is Like Heaven, Class of '07" with our names on the back. Mine featured my nick-name "Typhoon."

We also went crazy at the pep rally which is really odd since our WHOLE class got into it. Not once has my class gotten into a pep rally.

People who know me in real life may also notice something else weird about me. What could this be? Why, it's the fact that my hair isn't down. WOAH!

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I freakin' saw the wienermobile today! There's only 6 of these ever!
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