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Just for fun! + Picture Post 001 - THE Tiffany
Just for fun! + Picture Post 001
Saturday Kayla and I partook in our first ever 18+ activity (mind you, we've been 18 since September)and persuaded Jon and Colin to accompany us to the adult store. It was quite and interesting endevaor which resulted in much laughter. Kayla eventually passed out for some unknown reason and we all left. We think it's because of all the Aspirin she took that day thinned her blood or something along those lines. She's ok now, thank God.

Moving on, I've been debating starting a scrap book. It is my senior year and all, and I remember all of the pictures I lost in my last hard-drive crash so I really need hard copies of them all. Not to mention scrapbooking can get pretty fun, so it's all a good idea-ish.

I decided to start something a little new with this journal. As a few people know, I love taking pictures and I'm not the greatest photographer in the world. So I decided I am going to make a section on each (most) of my journal entries called Picture Post (number here) just to encourage me to take more and more pictures.

Picture Post 001

Date Taken: Saturday, February 24
Place Taken: Devon's Back Yard

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